Why we are passionate about puppy training the right way?

I setup Muttley Solutions about 7-8 years ago to look at puppy and dog training from a different approach. I had seen many indoor classes where dogs excelled at recall and loose lead walking. Once outside it all went to pieces and the owners became disillusioned and the slippery slope of a poor relationship between owner and dog started.

I decided that the best place to train the puppy and the dog was in the environments where they would be. A nice warm, dry hall is unrealistic and sets up many owners and dogs to start to fail. Therefore I term myself as a live environment dog instructor.

Even that term is misleading because I actually don’t train the puppy or the dog……you do. Unless the dog has some underlying medical issues which effect behaviour I would say that most of the behaviours puppies and dogs exhibit we have unknowingly taught them. Therefore, when I can get the owners to do it right the puppies and dogs stand a chance.

About Muttley Solutions

I live near Wimborne in Dorset and cover many of the local areas such as Corfe Mullen, Broadstone, Poole,Canford Heath and all other surrounding areas. I have a purpose outdoor training facility near Merley.

On a first review I would normally visit the house and discuss the issues, learn about what you want and discuss a plan to go forward. Meeting the new puppy or the dog would be towards the end of the session. This is why my live puppy training online sessions work so well. It is about you, the owner, not the dog!! We are all having to change the way we work and this approach is working very well.

I run the main website which has a wealth of information on it. You can find our more information about me, my experience and my philosophy of training here https://www.dogtrainingtherightway.co.uk/about-us/

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