Live puppy and dog training online in the Dorset area:

Muttley Solutions offers 1:1 live puppy training online at a time to suit you. We are based in Wimborne in Dorset, but are happy to help you regardless of your location. For those local to me we have an outdoor training facility where you can then progress to. We can follow safe social distancing there. I have another extensive website which covers many of the techniques and behaviours around puppies and dogs. You can find it here at Dog Training The Right Way

As with many aspects of our lives puppy and dog training and they way it is delivered needs to change. There has been online training for sometime, but this format offered you the chance to work though a set programme at your pace online. What was missing? The trainer/ client interaction. Here at Muttley Solutions we offer live puppy training online.

Live puppy training online

Many clients ask me how I can do puppy training online? My style of training is perfect for this medium because I train the owner not the puppy. When you can get it right the puppy stands a chance of doing it right. I teach and support you to train your new puppy.

What are the benefits of online training?

  • No social distancing issues with a trainer needing to come into your house
  • Flexible scheduling and online booking
  • The training is live and we can problem solve the issues you are facing
  • Sessions are on a 1:1 basis so the session is geared to your needs
  • Training sessions are a lot more relaxed.
  • Your puppy can sleep as they are not required!! This is about training their owner
  • You are not paying for travel costs so charges are less
  • Your training materials are sent to you as required so you can look at them at your convenience.

What results should I be expecting?

  • This is just a successful as if I was in your home doing the sessions.
  • There is no magic fix for puppy training. You get out what you put in.
  • You will have a greater understanding of your new puppy
  • Your puppy won’t be learning the bad habits you might teach them
  • We will focus on basic obedience, good manners. this will include
    • Sit and Down
    • Whistle commands
    • Long line training
    • Recall foundations
    • Loose lead foundations
    • Off-lead foundations
  • Less is more. We will focus on the core elements and not overload you or the dog.
  • If you live in Dorset and are local to the Wimborne, Poole,Bournemouth areas then we will prepare for moving to the out door training facility in Merley.

How virtual puppy online training works

  • You pick a time and day from the online booking calendar below. I can be flexible with this.
  • We use Zoom so all you need to do is download and register. I can help if you have any issues
  • You will of course need an internet connection and a camera on your phone, tablet or PC
  • I send you a meeting invitation on the day you have chosen
  • At your chosen time you click on the link and you will come into a virtual online meeting room. Bring a coffee or wine!!
  • All the family can be there
  • On the first session I will be asking you questions so I can get your background in dogs and what your expectations are.
  • I talk to about your new puppy and we look at some of the early things you need to consider
  • No doubt you will have lots of questions and I will answer those for you
  • You get homework on the first session and I send you some videos to help you with the homework.
  • You get free text support
  • We plan for the next session and you get free text support.
  • You pay by bank transfer. The cost is £20 per session.
puppy training online

Question and Answers

If I live outside of Dorset can I still use the puppy online training?

Absolutely. This is about training the owners the techniques in a live and safe setting. Once you have the basics in place you can then seek a more traditional face-to-face trainer if required. If you live locally to me then I do have a purpose outdoor training facility we would look to progressing to.

How do you get to train the puppy if we are online?

The reality is I don’t train the puppy, you do. With my guidance and support you will learn the techniques to avoid the behaviours we don’t want and teach the behaviours we do. This training online is about you the owners. The puppy is not required to attend class!!

Do I need expensive equipment to do this?

Many people will already have what they require. We have all become experts in contacting family and friends online recently. The only thing you may need to download is Zoom which is the platform I use to deliver the class. It is very easy to do and is free.

Is this an online puppy training course?

There are a number of online puppy training courses where you access their material and learn at your pace. The difference with what I offer is I will be live on your screen. I will be there to teach you the techniques, problem solve any current training and answer any questions. You send me videos of your progress and we discuss them in the training session.

Are these group puppy training session?

No. I only offer 1:1 sessions and we are all different and this allows me to focus on you are your new puppy.